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Ranch view from road
Whitmer Ranch seen from the road

Looking for a little peace and quiet, for a special place to kick back and refuel? Boone and Alice Whitmer's Montana ranch may be just the ticket.

Situated on the Missouri River Breaks, this working wheat ranch sits on the Lewis & Clark Trail. Here you can experience Montana's Big Sky Country and take in its abundant bird and wild life from the comfort of your own cabin. A haven for birders and hunters alike, the area boasts several national wildlife refuges, including the Charles M. Russell wildlife range. This is truly where the deer and the antelope roam, to say nothing of sharptail grouse and ring-necked pheasants. (See the video of the antelope taken from the front yard on YouTube.)

Fishing, hunting, rodeos, and summer repertory theatre, as well as the Montana Dinosaur Trail, all this and more can be found nearby. And, on a good night, you may even see the northern lights.

Boone & Alice offer two rental units, with or without breakfast, your choice:

For those who choose the bed & breakfast option, Alice will prepare a meal fit for a ranch hand in her farmhouse kitchen.

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We hope one day to extend you a warm Montana welcome!

Call us: 406-525-3289

Montana is a state of mind. 
Experience the vastness of its land,
its rugged climate,
and its boundless beauty.



Meadowlark Cabin

Meadowlark Cabin

Badlands Suite
Badlands Suite

Meadowlark Singing
Click to hear the meadowlark sing